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Urban Wildlife


Paintings about the urban wildlife made from 2003, many of them figures in a book

"Montréal, la nature en ville" published from Michel Quintin editor.


Central Bald
The Common Nighthawk's Roud
The Gargoyle and the Kestrels
Red November
Urban's Peregrines
Thr Soul Keeper
Watching a Chickadee
The Feast
City Woodpecker
The Royal Woodpecker
Canine Vision
Yin Yang
The Great "Visitation"
The Night Worker
The Olympic Gooses
Wood Ducks and Company
The Lane's Skunk
The Lane's Kestrel
The Eastern Bluebird
Horse Dog and Hare
The Blue Pine
The Bell's  Vultures
The Snowy of Quebec
Cardinals on Augier Street
Hummingbirds on Island
Taking Flight
A Deer Love
Merlin's Feast
Blue Watcher
The elephant
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